"Plovdiv 2019", British Council - Sofia and others.

Music Festival Brexit Blues, Plovdiv

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Kapana Plovdiv (map)

The Brexit Blues Music Festival will deliver a strong international message: Europe remains culturally connected despite Brexit.
The festival is held within a weekend and includes a series of urban concerts by Bulgarian and English musicians presenting the music scene of England from the 1950s to present – English rock and roll, progressive rock, punk, jazz and blues, choral performances.
On Sunday is the culmination of “Brexit Blues”, which will bring together about 400 participants – professional musicians, choral formations from Plovdiv, jazz students, classical music and folklore, big band, city bras, and non-professional musicians .
International curators of the project are Gordon Okafor-Ross, music director of Liverpool and Tim Steiner – organizer of large-scale music events.

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