National Festival of Cаchek and Folk Skills

The village of Radilovo

The legend of the “cachek” tells that once in Voynovo (today’s village of Radilovo) there was a serious illness and no woman conceived or if she succeeded – the babies were getting away dead. One night, Bendida / the Thracian goddess of fertility / appeared to one of the women in the village and told her that she would help women conceive, but when the children were born, a “cache” had to be made. They had to choose the finest grain of wheat, to dig it up on a large stone and in a large vessel to put silent water to boil. Once the water is boiled add the ground grain, which is washed 9 times to make it clear as a tear. They are screaming and calling “grow up hard and hard!”, “To be with a pure soul like a grain!” And when the child grows up and decides to get married, a “cache” is being prepared, but this time it is called “To have a healthy family! “,” Raising healthy children! “. The goddess ordered that the cache in question should try everyone in the village. The divine “cache” has passed through generations and today is called “cachek”.

So … on 22nd and 23rd of September in the village of Radilovo there will be a National Festival of Cаchek and Folk Skills. The organizer of the festival is the “Zora – 1903” Lyceum with the support of the Municipality of Peshtera and the Town Hall of Radilovo, whose aim is to preserve and popularize the folklore, traditions and traditional crafts of the settlements presented during the festival as well as development of tourism and attracting Investors to the village and the region.

The works of artisans who will demonstrate their skills will also be exhibited in specially divided places. There will be stands for a bazaar exhibition of traditional foods. The festival is held in the square in the village of Radilovo, and in bad weather – in the hall of “Zora – 1903” Lyceum.

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