Chitalishte Otets Paisii, Samokov

National Festival of the Old Urban Song, Samokov

The National Festival of the Old Urban Song gathers admirers of melodic wonderful texts and the magic of old urban songs. For the seventh consecutive year, Samokov hosts the song festival, collecting compositions and individual performers from all over the country on a stage. Non-professional groups for old urban songs, including chamber ensembles from all over Bulgaria, can participate in the festival.

The festival is of a competitive nature and a competent jury appreciates the musical and artistic qualities of the songs, whether the performances are in the style of the old urban song, the arrangements, the accompaniments and the artistic performance of the singers.

The old urban song is highly respected in the town of Samokov. Every year at the beginning of October, in Chitalishte Otets Paisii will be gathered performers and lovers of these songs from all over Bulgaria.
The old urban song has outlived the time, and I hope we can meet in such beautiful event.