Municipality of Chirpan and the Chitalishte "PK Yavorov 1867"

National Festival “Playing in Chirpan”

Chirpan (map)

The organizers of the festival are the Municipality of Chirpan and the Chitalishte “PK Yavorov 1867”. The event is held under the patronage of the Mayor of Chirpan Municipality.

The festival aims

– To promote the Bulgarian lifestyle and culture.
– To present the diversity of Bulgarian folk art and thus to preserve and convey cultural heritage to the Bulgarian participant in building our identity.
– Strengthen the presence of dance and musical folklore in contemporary life by giving the many teams the opportunity to appear on stage while promoting the succession of the younger generation. In this way, we want to educate our children in a spirit of peace, cooperation and tolerance for everyone. Gathering together the smiles, the music and the dance are a wonderful expression of our hope for a better future – not only for our city but also for all young people in Bulgaria.

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