Chitalishte "Otec Paisii-1859", Samokov Municipality

National Theater Festival “Theater without Borders”

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Chitalishte "Otec Paisii-1859", Samokov (map)

In October in Samokov, a festival of amateur theaters “Theater Without Borders” is held. The organizers are Samokov Municipality and Chitalishte “Otets Paisiy – 1859”.

Traditionally, the last week of October, the Samokov community center became the center of amateur theatrical art. Compositions from all the country will present a rich palette of plays that the audience can enjoy. For all the guests, the entrance is free.

The main idea of ​​the theatrical festival is to familiarize the Bulgarian audience with the variety of theatrical forms and arts, as well as to bring together the lovers of this art on one stage. The event is of a competitive nature, as actors may be theatrical groups, community theaters with theatrical performances / drama, comedy .

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