Municipality of Pomorie, Chitalishte "Svetlina -1939"

National Thracian folklore fair “Gergyovden” – Pomorie

The National Thracian folklore festival “Gergyovden” is held on the summer stage of the “Svetlina – 1939” Chitalishte in the town of Pomorie, Bourgas. Organizers are the Municipality of Pomorie, the National Union of Thracian Societies in Bulgaria, the Regional Union of Thracian Companies – Burgas, the Thracian Society “Odrin Epopeia” – Pomorie, the National Church “Svetlina-1939” – Pomorie.

Individual and group performers of Thracian and Strandzha songs can participate in the concert. The musical accompaniment for individual performances will be from an orchestra.

Each participant receives a diploma and a competent jury determines the winners.

The purpose of the fair is to preserve the memory of the Bulgarian Thracian traditions.

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