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Nestinar games in the Bulgari village

Mon, June 03, 2019 - Tue, June 04, 2019
Bulgari village, Tsarevo


Nestinarstvo is one of the most impressive traditional rituals included in the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. In Bulgaria this tradition is about to be lost, because at the moment fire-dancing is practiced only in 5 villages in Strandja Mountain.

In the village of Bulgari there is a feast of fire-dancing – Nestinar Games. At the village square the dance begins after sunset. The fire-dancers dance around the fiery circle with icons in their hands before they enter the fire. Their faces are white, like a different place, and according to ancient beliefs, the fire-dancers can predict the future. The mystical ritual takes place under the sound of a drum, echoing over the surrounding hills.


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