Yambol Municipality

Open Spaces Art Festival

Yambol (map)

The Art Festival provides space for the inspiration and free expression of artists and citizens. With a lot of vitality, different urban spaces with processions and parades, artistic installations, theatrical and show performances, musical projects, art workshops come to life. The event allows local artists of all genres to express themselves in an urban environment.
During one week of the year the town of Yambol becomes a great art installation of many local artists who are encouraged to try new innovative ways of using the open spaces in the city. Within the festival, residents and guests of the town can witness and participate in various art installations, festival processions and parades, theater and show performances, workshops of different art genres, funny games for children and adults, concerts, exhibitions and all kinds of attractions.
During these days the town becomes more colorful, entertaining, offering unique emotional experiences that make you think and understand the role of art in our life. Everyone touched with at least a small part of the festival already understands the town in a new light.

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