Рафтинг кемп Адвенчър Нет

Outdoor & White Water Fest

There is no information on cancellation and whether it will take place

Outdoor & White Water Fest – a festival of extreme sports and leisure activities, will be held for the 4th time in the Kresna Gorge. During the event, rafting and seasonal kayaking are opened along the banks of the Struma River and is a traditional beginning of spring. The event is most often held in the last period of March. Hosted by Adventure Net- Center of adventure and rafting camp.

For another year, the water activities with a competitive element will be a central part of the festival program. In the later hours everyone will be able to have fun with a DJ party and a music scene. This year, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss topics about celebrities from the world of extreme sports. They can also become part of presentations of local livelihoods and customs. Deshka Kroteva, famous all over Bulgaria from Gorno Draglishte,Razlog, will be a guest with her exceptional organic production. She has turned her hometown into a small capital of rural tourism and developing ancient technology for making local sausages.

Along with the mood and the festival spirit, Outdoor & White Water Fest aims to promote tourism, extreme sports, active recreation and local livelihoods and products in the area in front of a wide audience by stimulating the exchange of sports and tourism programs between clubs and tour operators from Bulgaria and bordering countries.

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