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Regional Fair "Winter Holidays in Mechkarevo"

Thu, November 30, 2023 -
Mechkarevo village, Sliven


On the second day of Christmas – December 26 in the village of Mechkarevo, Sliven municipality, the traditional Regional Folk Festival “Winter Holidays” is held.
The holiday is organized by the Municipality of Sliven, the Town Hall and the Prosveta 1925 Chitalishte in the village of Mechkarevo. The purpose of the feast is to stimulate the traditional winter rituals at local and regional level and to promote the folk culture among young people. Amateur groups from the region and the country are invited to participate in it. In their program they can include reproduction of a ritual or a fragment of a winter ritual – Ignazden, Christmas Eve, Christmas / Christmas / Basil’s Day / Sourvakis / Karaman / Jordanen / Ivanovden, Babinden, Atanasovden, Petlyovden and other. Within the framework of the fair, competitions are held for the most accurate reproduction of winter customs, ritual dance, ritual breads and survakenki.


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