"N. Y. Vaptsarov - 1927" Community Center, the village of Bata

Regional Folklore “The Feast of the Colorful Salt” , Bata village

Bata village (map)

For the ninth time there will be a Regional Folklore Festival of the Colorful Salt. It takes place in the central square in the village of Bata, where producers from all over the country and connoisseurs of spices come to honor it.

Within the festive program, participants present dishes, basically being grouped into three main categories:

  • products from which the colored salt is made;
  • how to use the colored salt;
  • local rustic dishes, which are served in authentic dishes (wooden, clay, copper), flavored with colorful salt.

At the beginning of May, in the village of Bata, during the 9th National Day of Salt, the diversity of Bulgarian folklore, the traditions and the scent of the salt will be collected.