Gabrovo Municipality

Smehorancheta National Children’s Festival

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The Children’s Festival of Humor Smehorancheta is a festival of laugh, good mood, and rich and picturesque carnival costumes. The participants present themselves in three sections: Laugh and Dance, Laugh in front of a Curtain, We Sing and Laugh. It is held on the day of Gabrovo, May 16th, on Vazrazhdane Square. It is a product of the local Children Club Gabrovo Smehorancheta, with the support of the local municipality.
The festival is a scene for children from 6 to 17 years old from all over country, and establishes itself as an event of children’s humor and satire. This way it stimulates the interest about specific local humor, satire, values, and traditions among the kids of all the cities and villages of Bulgaria. The children could get familiar with the funniest works of great Bulgarian and foreign humorists. The participants receive Gabrovo unconventional awards like Medal of Laugh and Visa for Next Year Entry.
All the participants from Smehorancheta National Children Festival take part in the carnival procession.