Asen Zlatarov Community Center, Smilyan village

Smilyan bean festival

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Smilyan village (map)

НProf. Assen Zlatarev” Lyceum organizes the traditional village of Smilyan – Smilyan bean festival. It is held every year on the last Saturday of October, when the inhabitants of the Smilyan village have already taken their crops. And it will be marked by a popping thunder of a bean ball from an authentic Millenium weapon.

Traditional livelihood of Smiliani is the breeding and processing of beans, and especially the production of wholesale salad bacon. It is processing is done manually and the fertilization is done only with manure (natural, of course). The data for Smilyan beans cultivation in the region are 250 years old.

Several contests are held within the festival:

– for a bean dish;
– for bean tannery;
– for the best bean producer.

In addition to competitions, there are many tastings, exhibitions, competitions, a musical program with many songs and dances. All the activities and attractions in the holiday are focused on the beans and even the youngest will participate in the holiday with a specially prepared program. The most anticipated, however, is the Contest for the Best Bean Pan, in which the participants have the opportunity to develop their imagination.