SoFest 2021

Kino Kabana, Sofia

SoFest – the festival of Sofia
The most anticipated event, which brings together world-class artists and performers, this year will take place from June 17th to 20th.
Four SoFest evenings, full of fun, concerts, theater, poetry, dance and comedy performances!
Three SoFest days filled with magic, songs, fairy tales and many games for children!
Three days with a themed SoFest bazaar!
If you are looking forward for the best music and theater scenes, in the heart of the capital, this is your event!

  • Evening events on June 17 – beginning at 19:30.
    Participants – Teodosii Spasov, Ivan Shopov, Boyka Velkova and Ivaylo Zahariev
  • Children’s events on June 18 from 10:30
  • Evening events on June 18 – beginning at 19:30.
    Participants – Stefania Koleva, Bogdana Trifonova and Zdravka Kamenova, Stefan Valdobrev, Ivan Lechev, Veselin Veselinov – Eco, Stoyan Yankulov – Stundzhi and Miroslav Ivanov.
  • Children’s events on June 19 – 10:30
  • Evening events on June 19 – 19:30
    Participants – Margarita Petkova and Dobromir Banov, Stefan Ilchev.
  • Children’s events on June 20 – 10:30
  • Evening events on June 20 – 20:00
    On the last night of SoFest we will enjoy Todor Kolev’s tribute “Dangerous Charm” with the participation of Filip Avramov – Fitsata, Nelko Kolarov and the group AKAGA.

The daily program of SoFest for children will offer performances, musical, entertaining and educational workshops, and many, many surprises for young and old children. During the two weekend days in Kino Kabana will be held a thematic bazaar with producers from Bulgaria and the Balkans. The children’s program and the SoFest bazaar from 11:30 to 18:00 will be free!

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