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Sofia Coffee Festival 2020

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Inter Expo Centre (map)

The main program of Sofia Coffee Festival offers you to dive into the world of coffee, having the unique opportunity to meet with the biggest coffee makers, to learn interesting facts about the refreshing drink – how and where it grows; how it is handled and prepared; to taste different flavors and blends from around the world; to see and elect the best coffee maker machine – for home, office, restaurant or hotel in order to make your guests and family happy. At the end of the second day of Sofia Coffee Festival will be organized lottery with a lot of awards: special coffee brands from all over the world, coffee machines, consumables and many more gifts for all the participants.
Throughout the festival period, a restricted area for demonstrations, training and meetings will be set up. Only persons with invitations will be allowed. Barista specialists from around the world will be able to meet the local professionals, to exchange experience and present the latest techniques and skills in the art of making the perfect coffee.
At the festival there will be also Latte Art Performance. This is an experience that every barista professional or amateur wants to attend. It is something like preparing the best milk, to draw the desired picture – flower, swan or heart for a loved one. Here is where it happens! In a special zone, there will be demonstrations, races and challenges with lots of emotions, awards and good mood. And coffee for all the visitors.
There will be also special competition for bartenders and barristers in several rounds. It is going to be a challenging and intense competition for finest cocktails with impressive demonstration. Your creativity, ingenuity, knowledge and above all a heart in what you do is expected to be shown in front of the jury! The rounds will be with direct elimination, and each and every one will have to do the best of him/ her.


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