ETNOTIX by Chinary Bulgaria

Sofia Ethno Night Festival 2020

Music Jam Club - Sofia (map)

Welcome to the two-day Sofia Ethno Festival, which will be attended by some of the most prominent and recognizable musicians in the field of ethno music.
On October 30 and 31 in the Music Jam Club, you will be able to enjoy the music of the group Ethnotics, Cinga Manga Funk, Lyrra, Bulgarian trio, Chinari Drums.
For those who want to get as close as possible and get to know basically ethno music, instruments, playing and singing techniques, there will be a two-day seminar and workshop with musicians, which will be held on October 31 and 30 from 11:00-15:00h

October 30:
Ticket for seminar and concert: BGN 15.
Concert ticket: BGN 10

October 31:
Workshop and concert ticket: BGN 15
Concert ticket: BGN 10

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