29 Saturday

Spartak games, village of Sklave

Sat, June 29, 2019 - Sat, June 29, 2019
Sklave village, Sandanski


The restorations and the traditional fair are held at the end of June in the village of Sklave. They acquainted tourists and locals with the Ancient Era and the events that took place at that time. About 30 rebels from the Legio I Italica group and special guest gladiators from Gruppo Storico Romano, Rome, Italy, took part in the demonstrations.
The old name of the village of Sklave is the Latin word “Slave”, meaning “slave”. The village is known with the Thracian Spartak, as his birthplace and his slave market, which Spartak Gladiator himself has sold. There is a rebuilding of a Roman slave market, a gladiator training, a Roman market offering Thracian and Roman culinary products, various goods and various folklore events, thus establishing the ancient fair in the village of Sklave as an attractive and memorable place with history, legends and custom.

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