SPICE Music Festival – Burgas 2021

Burgas Port (map)

SPICE MUSIC FESTIVAL is organized by KMD EOOD, with the exclusive support of Radio ENERGY. The third edition of the festival will be held in the summer of 2021 in the city of Burgas. After the exceptional success in 2019 and 2020, in 2021 we will again have 3 days from 06 to 08 August filled with a lot of music and good mood! Expect the first announced artists very soon.

The music of the 90’s, where thousands danced and had fun this summer in Burgas, still brings out our summer memories, but the preparations for the next SPICE Music Festival are already in full swing. The dates are set – 6, 7 and 8 August 2021, and the place is again the Port of Bourgas. “We believe that the restrictions will be reduced to a minimum next summer and this time the festival area will be expanded to its maximum capacity of 15,000 people,” said Nikolay Todorov-Nick, organizer of the festival. And a guarantee for our good mood and unique experiences will be the artists who will pleasantly surprise their numerous fans with their iconic hits.

Here are the first of them who have already confirmed their participation. Maxi Jazz, the founder and unique voice of the cult FAITHLESS – if anyone still doubts that “God is a DJ”, he will have the opportunity to see for himself during the SPICE Music Festival. The guru of the 90’s electronic scene has prepared a 90-minute live DJ set, during which time he will sing the most popular FAITHLESS songs such as “Insomnia”, “God is a DJ”, “Salva Mea”, “We come”. one ”and others. STEREO MC’s are the second big surprise for fans of alternative hip-hop and electronic music from the end of the last century. The British will arrive in full line-up for a live concert, and their hits “Connected”, “Step it up”, “Elevate my mind”, “Creation” will sound the Bay of Burgas. The Finns from BOMFUNK MC`s, who failed to arrive this year, are even more motivated to present themselves to the Bulgarian audience for the first time. The unforgettable “Freestyler” from 1999 will be the basis of their live, and we will also hear some of their new songs, which will tour Europe next summer. If you think the surprises end here, be prepared, because the “bad boy” of American rap COOLIO will arrive especially for the third edition of the festival. There is hardly anyone who has not heard one of the timeless hits of the 90’s Gangsta’s Paradise, but this time for almost an hour the rapper will entertain us accompanied by his new band with live drums, guitars and other interesting arrangements. The organizers will keep their promise and the artists who were prevented from arriving for the SPICE Music Festival this August have already been confirmed for 2021. These are the favorites of the Bulgarian audience C-BLOCK, the German Eurodance band MASTERBOY, the still captivating hip-hop NANA and the Dutch VENGABOYS! “These are just the first artists that we can announce with great pleasure,” said Nikolai Todorov – Nick, organizer of the festival. “On the one hand, we will keep our promise to see those who did not arrive this summer, and on the other hand, we strive to expand both stylistically and conceptually our next edition.