Hissarya Municipality

Spring play of dance formations “Hissar rhythms”

Hissarya (map)

The project “Hissar rhythms” – spring play of dance formations, envisages the participation of dance formations from all over the country in a spectacle to show the richness of the Bulgarian folklore dance.
In the square in front of the “Ivan Vazov – 1904” Chitalishte in the town of Hissarya, the dancers will present the colors of the unique Bulgarian costumes from all the folklore regions, as well as the rhythms of each of them. This will give opportunity for creative meetings and exchange of experience between artistic leaders and participants.

“Hissar rhythms” will contribute to the strengthening of the Bulgarian traditions and customs – a spring of the constant power of the Bulgarian spirit, continuity between the generations and popularization of our national culture.

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