Zemen Municipality

“Surva Zemen” Festival 2019

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Zеmеn (map)

he Surva Zemen Festival takes place in every year and has become an event demonstrating the ethnographic traditions of the region in their original form. 30 survakar groups </ span> will participate in this year’s edition. Among them are the groups from Zemen, Peshtera, Davya, Gorna Vrabcha, Elov dol, Gabrov Dol, etc. Survakar groups from the village of Neevtsi, Chepino village, Dolna Sekirna village, Bobos village, Siristnik village, Kovachevtsi village, village of Kalishte, village of Dragichevo, etc. will also be presented. </ Span>

The fair promises unforgettable emotions throughout the day. “Surva Zemen” is a celebration of all those who love the positive side of life.

The festival was established at the initiative of the Municipality and the Mayor of Zemen.