Христо Димитров и Фондация „Българе”

X International Festival of folk costume “Zheravna 2017”

гр. Жеравна

Foundation “Bulgare” and organizers launched the campaign for implementation of the Tenth International Festival of folk costume “Zheravna 2017”. The jubilee edition will be held on 18, 19 and 20 August (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

This festival brings you closer to the life of the Bulgarians from once upon a time. Participation in the festival is a voluntary act and those who want to join it have to observe its rules. The main requirement is to be dressed in folk costume. It is forbidden the use of a number objects from modern life and plastic.

Mobile phones are allowed only in designated calling area. During the festival, there would be demonstrations of folk crafts, authentic Bulgarian folklore, traditional cuisine, rakia, wine, and basically something for everyone to try.

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