The “Mountain Peaks” International Festival


The “Mountain Peaks” International Festival is a celebration of music, dance, beauty and friendship between people without frontiers and without prejudices. Тhe event will be held from 20th to 24th of September 2017. Тhe participants learn more about the history and culture of the countries and cities оthers come from, show their talents and skills to a friendly audience amidst magnificent scenery.

Festival terms:

The “Mountain Peaks” Festival has no competitive nature
In the festival can participate homogeneous, mixed and children choirs in all music genres with acapella performance or in musical accompaniment
There are no restrictions on the age of the participants
The organizers provide an invitation to participate
To participate in the festival, groups need to submit an application form, an artistic profile and several pictures of the group
Participants can play live music or flash memory
The schedule of each composition should be within 10-15 minutes
The ensembles must wear the national flag of their country
The ensembles are required to have medical insurance for group members during the festival period. A copy of the insurance must be provided to the organizers together with a group list upon arrival
Information about special requirements for food (for health or religious reasons) should be submitted to the organizers 15 days before the start of the festival.

From November 1st to November 5th, again in Bansko, there will be held the International Mountain Festival “Mountain Peaks”. It can include homogeneous, mixed and children choirs in all musical genres with acapella performance or in musical accompaniment. More info HERE

From 3rd to 8th October – International Festival “Mountain Peaks” for orchestras and cheerleaders. Participants can be classical orchestras, march and drum orchestras, cheerleaders. Details HERE

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