Фондация "Огънят на Орфей", Община Разлог, НЧ "15-ти септмеври 1903" - Разлог

The Summer Academy of Art “The Fire of Orphey”





The Summer Academy for Arts “The Fire of Orphey” is an annual cultural happening, which is being held in August. The aim of the academy is to help young talents develop in their own way of creating art. During the two weeks of the academy different people with antithetic believes and cultures all over the world come together to share their experience and point of views with each other. Words, sounds, pictures.. all human senses have onother meaning in the Academy, thanks to the special pedagogic and creative new approach. Obtaining the abilities this amazing summer academy connects you to the truthfully beautiful on another level.

Ministry of Culture

Municipality Razlog

Municipality Plovdiv

Community center “The 15th of September 1903” Razlog

National Highschool for cinematic arts – Plovdiv

AMTII – Plovdiv

NAtional comunity center “Hristo G. Danov” Plovdiv



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