Association "Angel Voivoda"

The UGAR Festival – mystical and ancient

The festival “Ugar” is held in the “Dragoyna” locality, which is near the village of Bukovo, Parvomay municipality. The festival is dedicated to St. Elijah, the guardian of faith.

Malka Dragoyna is located at the very peak of Dragoyna, where the foundations of one of the largest Thracian fortresses were discovered. It is only 813 m high, the peak rises above the Thracian Lowland and has an exceptional strategic position with a view over a territory with a diameter of more than 100 km – Plovdiv to the west, Haskovo to the east, Chirpan to the north and the Rhodope Mountains to the south.
The festival “Ugar” aims to present the diversity of Bulgarian folk art and thus to preserve and transmit the living spiritual and cultural heritage to the Bulgarians.

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