Murgash 1929 Chitalishte - Zhelyava village

Traditional folk festival “Zhelyavska Tsvetnica” – Zhelyava village

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village of Zhelyava (map)

In the village of Zhelyava will take place the traditional feast “Zheljavska Tsvetnica” and from 10.30 in the church will be served a festive service, and at 13.00 hrs, a concert will start at the “Murgash – 1929” Chitalishte Hall.

The amateur groups at the “Murgash – 1929” Chitalishte will take part in the holiday: “Zhelyava” Dance Group, Modern Dance Group, Women’s Singing Group, Group for recreating local customs; Modern Dance Group at the National Community Center “St. St. Cyril and Methodius “- Dolni Bogrov village, Peevska group at the St. Cyril and St. Methodius Chitalishte; Dance ensemble at “Ivan Vazov” Community Center – village of Stolnik, folk groups at “Videlina” Chitalishte – 1908 ” – Pancharevo.

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