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TRAP FEST – Festival of Youth, Technology and Arts

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Sofia Tech Park (map)
For the third time, a Youth, Technology and Arts Festival is organized! The aim of the initiative is to engage youth power and energy to acquire important skills related to the management, participation and organization of the event, since in each of the programs and tasks of the Festival’s implementation, the main actors are
the students. All revenue from the event is in supporting of T.R.A.P. (Trotoara Room for Angry People) and the “Trotoar” Foundation, whose mission is to provide a better environment for young people in Bulgaria.
The area of the “John Atanasov” hall in Sofia Tech Park is divided into areas with multiple activities: a gaming tournament area for all League of Legends fans and CS: GO and Free Overwatch, Fortnite, Hearthstone and console games as well as Zone for video games
Ubisoft. There will be a presentation area, a forum for corporate social responsibility, separate dance areas, board games and a musical instrument area. Participants will have to demonstrate knowledge and dexterity with a team and mentor and assemble a functioning computer from old computer components and parts.
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