Lyceums "Yordan Dragnev 1894" Krushari, "Second June - 2004" v. Aleksandria

Twenty-fifth Regional folklore festival “Teketo” – v. Aleksandria

The folklore festival “Teketo” is conducted in Teketo area, near the Monastery “Saint prophet Iliya”,  in the region of v. Aleksandria, Krushari municipality, the latter of which are one of the organizers. The other ones are the National lyceums “Yordan Dragnev’ – /Krushari/ and “Second June” /Aleksandria/, and the town hall of Aleksandria.

The regional folklore event is with competitive nature. It is included in the Cultural calendar of the Ministry of Culture. Folklore troupes, squads, ocherstas, folklore dance clubs, solo performers and musical creativity. In case of bad meteorological conditions, the event conducts in the national lyceum “Yordan Dragnev”.