Community Center "Sunrise 1936", Tyulenovo Town hall

Tyulenovo Art Fest 2015

Tyulenovo village

An art festival will be held in Tyulenovo from Augus 13 to August 15.This is the first arts festival aimed to bring together different types of art – acoustic music and artists associated with the sea. In Tyulenovo Art Fest 2015 contents initiatives seeking to emphasize the inspiration of this rocky coast – a favorite place for cavers and divers. Although the small village has population of over 40 people, during the summer season a lot of tourist come here for their holiday.

Tyulenovo attracts many people, coming here because of the unique nature. This year in the festival is included a culinary competition “Competition for the best fish soup.” The aim is to emphasize the importance of the sea and the requirement is that the products are only from the Black Sea.

There is a photo competition “Capture Tyulenovo” in the first edition of the Art Fest. The contest is open to everyone without any restrictions on the age and residence. Participants may submit three photos that are thematically related Tyulenovo – shore, rocks, sea, fishermen. A jury will determine the three winners of the awards will be announced and presented at the Art Fest.The best photographs will be included in the exhibition dedicated to sea. Some of them will be published in the Facebook profile of the event.

Municipality of Shabla is the major sponsor of the Art Fest, organized by the idea of “Sunrise 1936” Community Center and the town hall in Tyulenovo.