Клуб "Асто - Въздушни чудеса", Сдружение за опазване на дивата природа (СОДП) и фонд "Култура" към Община Варна

Varna Kite Festival

Having held a sequence of successful festivals in the last four years, we are happy to announce the 6 edition of Varna Kite Festival in 2019. We decided to delight again the residents and visitors of the region of Varna and fill the sky with colourful kites on August. To make this wonderful holiday happen, we are launching a fundraising campaign and invite all who feel sympathetic towards the event to participate with ideas, volunteering or funds.
We would like to thank once again all former and current partners and sponsors of Kite Festival – Varna and to invite them again to participate in the event and for a day or two to turn Varna into a more colorful city.

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