VII Festival “Ruschullianska sreshta”

Русе, зала Дунав

Welcome to the seventh edition of the Ruschule’s Meeting on March 10th in Rousse. All amateur folk ensembles have the right to participate in the festival.
The participants’ dress code is not necessarily folklore. The participation fee per person is 10lv.

The competition is in three stages, in the first one participants are divided into two groups: groups below 30 participants (INCLUDING) and groups more than 31 participants (INCLUDING); they dance two authentic folk dances (the first is from the region of which the group is coming, and the second is OPTIONAL!). The second stage is optional and “Play whatever your soul bags for” of compound meter 9/8 on a folk basis of your choice. The third stage is also optional, and it is an upholstery for Rachenitsa for Miss and Mister “Ruschullianska Meeting 2018”.
Deadline for signing up to March 1st.