Asenovgrad Municipality

VII Folklore Festival “Mavrudovo Horo”

Asenovgrad (map)

The “Mavrudovo Horo” Festival is held for the seventh consecutive year in Asenovgrad and is part of the Autumn Festival of Arts. The participants are amateur clubs for folk dances and performers from all over the country, who gather for procession and play.

Dance formations from almost all folklore areas in Bulgaria are included in the performance. Traditionally, the Mavrudovo Horo Folklore Festival starts with procession from the monument of Aristi Chorbadjak, founder of special local wine, crossing the central street to Acad. Nikolai Haytov Square where the competition take place. The concert ends with a joint dance of all participants.

The folklore festival takes place in autumn at the height of the grape harvest. In the past, the grape harvest has been associated with merriment, and the thematic festival resembles those times.

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