VII International Film Festival “Quarantine” – Varna

Fishing village "Quarantine" - Varna (map)

Quarantine” is an international festival for long-distance films, founded for the popularization of young people and not knowing the author media professional films among. The festival was organized by the organizer on a voluntary basis, and the projection at the entrance is free. Organize and volunteer will not receive a reward for S work.

The festival is on the beach in front of the Ribarsko settlement “Quarantinata”, which is one of the last Ribarski settlements in the area of ​​the city of Varna. Selishcheto is frightened from the bastards of the joy of the construction worker on the luscious housing block directly behind him. Provokiraiki is a culture exchange between contemporary artists from Tsyal Saints and local residents, let us turn the Quarantine into a kulturna and an art zone and store the bit on ribarit.

Imeto in the region – “Quarantinata” and two from minaloto, some sailors from the boat, go to the shelter for an infectious disease, they were isolated on the shores for a quarantine period of 40 days. In case they didn’t show a confession on the disease, they were allowed to go to hail. In the present time, junior author, koito has not yet been realized, but in the distance to the “Quarantine” – isolate from professional cinema for the benefit of lipstick for experience. Likewise with the history on the beach, reshikhme and krastim of the festival “Quarantine”.

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