VII International Folk Festival-Competition “Bulgarian Rose”


For seventh time, in the period 17th -24th August, Primorsko hosts the International Folk Festival-Competition “Bulgarian Rose”. Participants in the festival are 13 ensembles of various countries, children and youth dance and choreographic ensembles, soloists, vocal and instrumental groups and schools of arts, whose work is based on folk traditions, contemporary pop music, puppet theater, fashion, plastic arts, circus and other. As usual ensembles and soloists in dance genres will compete in folk, classical, contemporary pop dance, modern dance, hip-hop, break dance, ballroom dance and more.

Amongst the participants there are students from universities and faculties of fine arts as well as students from the art schools in the Shiroca Lyca and Kotel, who are organizers of many Bulgarian-Russian educational events and contemporary concerts.

The festival is in the calendar of the Ministry of Culture. The Grand Prix is a traditional huge copper rose and is provided by the “Arsenal”. Organizer of cultural event is Varna city.



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