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Wake Up Festival, 4 - 9 July 2023

Tue, July 04, 2023 - Sun, July 09, 2023


Wake up, it’s just a dream! Just a reality you shouldn’t sleep through. Awaken your mind, heart and soul. And if it’s difficult for you, find an incentive. These words seem like they were taken out of a philosophical novel with a touch of romance, but in fact lie at the heart of an idea that has become one of the most consistent and large-scale movements for the mind and body – the “Wake Up” festival, also known as Wake Up.

The festival, also called an experiment, stands on several foundations: reaching out to Bulgaria’s nature, honoring and preserving it pure; training on how to live among it without influencing it indirectly; creativity, entrepreneurship, spiritual lectures and crafts.

The topics and activities are varied – laughter yoga, sound therapy, pottery, puppetry, seed and zero waste lectures, baking, ethnic groups, sensory maze, non-formal education, circus, rope maze, female fertility lectures and many more.

It works in partnership with institutions and organizations, e.g. Municipality of Kuklen, Forestry – Plovdiv, Regional Directorate of Forestry – Smolyan, Emergency Rescue – Plovdiv, Youth Association for Peace and Development in the Balkans, “Zelen” Association, “Koren” Foundation, “Together Now” Foundation, “Future Now” Foundation , “Biodiversity” foundation, WWF, “BG Be Active” association, etc.

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