„WHAT IT COMES/WHEN IT COMES“ is the theme of the Carnival Gabrovo 2022


The theme was announced by Mrs. Tania Hristova- the Mayor of Gabrovo, who turned upside down the sand clock and started the fifth season of the year – the Carnival one. It is characterized with good mood, sun in the soul and good ideas, starts at 11th of November and finishes when the Carnival ends.

We have no written proofs and publications when exactly the first Carnival in Gabrovo took place, but there is no Gabrovian who doesn’t know that everything started in 19-th of century yet with a noisy happy procession of masked people called Oleliinia.  Every year exactly in the Saturday next to the first Sunday before lent, Gabrovians made the biggest year traditional fair to throw away the everyday cares and to look at the world with new eyes.

The Carnival in Gabrovo has its own moto every year and in the last years -logo and statue too.

As everybody knows -the cat is a symbol of Gabrovo and as the traditions set, it meets the scissors every year on Carnival time. To cut the tail of the cat is a big honor, which the Mayors of Gabrovo gives up to a great number of people who deserve it-actors, ambassadors and VIP.

Racho The Blacksmith is the mythic founder of Gabrovo and his monument in the middle of the river is one of the emblematic places in the town and proof of the practicallity of the people, who saved a little space this way. Of course he has his own place in the Carnival. Last few years in the beginning of May the monument meets the dawn with new clothes and ornamentals in the spirit of the chosen Carnival theme.

Mini Carnival took place more than 15 years yet. The most beautiful and original costumes of the kids had been awarded, processions, sing, dance and play contests and many other events take place. And in the big Carnival procession there is always a special place for all the princesses, witches, policemen and many other heroes.

There have been a lot of guests of the Carnival – people from Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, Ukraine, North Macedonia and many other countries all over the world. The humor is a common language -everybody understands it and even finds out anything for himself and from himself in the Carnival jokes.

The themes of the Carnival are different every year, but there are some of them, which are often objects of jokes-the crisis, the tunnel under Shipka peak, the Mayor, our politicians and yet demographicic collapse, all kind of earthquakes, cataclysmic and misunderstandings. This way every year we have colorful and playful event for everybody.

Except everything else in the Week of humor, part of which in the Carnival, there are number of additional events -theatres, concerts, Museum night, Literature night, exhibitions, photo events, International biennale of humor or public speech contest “Blagolazh”, cats exhibition, retro auto parades, parade of brass-bands, contest of public people doubles, street places for carnival makeup, fire performances, fireworks and many music.

For more information visit https://carnival.gabrovo.bg/

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