National Chitalishte "Izgrev-1928" - Sladun village

XI National Folklore Festival “With the songs of Kichka Savova”, Sladun village

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Sladun village (map)

In the village of the singer Kichka Savova – Sladun, Svilengrad, since 2011 annually, in her honor is held National folklore festival “With the songs of Kichka Savova”. The main organizer is the Community Center “Izgrev-1928” in the village of Sladun with the financial support of the Municipality of Svilengrad.

Individual performers – singers and instrumentalists, singing groups for authentic and processed folklore, dance ensembles and folklore groups can participate in the event. The participants will be divided into two categories: children up to 18 years old and adults over 18 years old. The festival has a competitive nature, all participants will receive diplomas.

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