XII Municipal Holiday of the Koledar Groups “Oi Koledo, moi Koledo”, Tervel

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Chitalishte "Dimitar Donchev-Doctor". (map)

For the twelfth year, in Tervel community groups will sing their songs for a bracelet and success in the festival, “Oi Koledo, moi Koledo”.

Children in three age groups from 5 to 19 years old will perform on the chitalishte stage. As always, the kids from Tervel kindergartens – “Detelina”, “Zdravets” and “First June”, as well as in the villages Zheglartsi and Bezmer, will sing ans dance.
There will be a special festive exhibition with Christmas souvenirs, greeting cards and scarves etc., arranged in the lobby of the Chitalishte.

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