Chitalishte "Hristo Botev-1898", Tsenovo

XIII Folklore Fair “Tsenovo Sing and Dance”

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Tsenovo (map)

The fear is part of the national festival calendar and is held each year in September for two days. The main purpose of the meeting is to preserve folk songs and dances, to maintain the cultural relations between the amateur bands from the region and the country. The fear also stimulates the Chitalishte in their work with folklore ensembles, with the performers of traditional folklore and the education for loving Bulgarian folklore and the desire of the young people to perform and listen to Bulgarian music.

The fear provides an opportunity for people to express their talent in performing arts – songs, dances, customs, and music. The initiative is at the “Hristo Botev-1898” Community Center with the exceptional cooperation of the Municipality of Tsenovo, under the patronage of the mayor.

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