Breznik Municipality

XVI Masquerade Festival “Surva Breznik 2019”

Breznik (map)

The sixteenth masquerade festival “Surva Breznik ‘2019” takes place on January 19, 2019. Then the SURWARKAR groups defile the streets of the city, “chase evil” and “bless”.

The Sourvakari custom is one of the most cheerful winter folk customs. It is a synthesis of ancient traditions, customs, sounds, colors, light … It is hard to describe in words the emotion of the holiday. Kukeri and creatures in the accompaniment of a roar, issued by multi-voice bells, perform rituals of banishing spirits and evils. This is a proof of the rich folklore culture of the Bulgarians, which is also preserved in Breznishko. For centuries, the peasant population has fulfilled this New Year’s custom, which is called “Surva”. The custom is related to the New Year’s Holiday Cycle from Christmas to Voditsi.

In Breznitsa, the Survakar games in almost all the settlements of the municipality are performed on Vassilyovden (old style on 14 January). For the sixteenth consecutive year, this unique procession will pass through the streets of the city, so that the citizens can see it too, in order to expel the evil forces, wishing for the rich harvest, health and fertility of the people and the animals, according to the Breznik Municipality.