XVIII International Festival of Kukeri and Masquerade Games “Kukove-Rakovski”


The eighteenth edition of the International Kukeri and Masquerade Games “Kukove-Rakovski” will be held on 9 and 10 February this year. The festival is held annually on Friday and Saturday in the town of Rakovski before “Sirni Zagovezni” on the Catholic calendar.

It is one of the three biggest mummer festivals in Bulgaria. Rakovski Municipality, which is the organizer of the event, is a member of the Federation of European and Carnival Cities (FECC). Within the festival there  is also a contest with a fund of 4000 BGN, which will be distributed by a competent jury of ethnographers and other specialists.

The procession is celebrated with kuker logs from all around the country and the world that have been in the city during these two days. After such a noisy and terrible procession, mummers from the age of 3 to 83 certainly have cast out the most evil spirits.