About fest-bg.com

Every year more than 500 festivals take place in Bulgaria, but due to lack of information some of them remain unknown and poorly visited. The association creates fest-bg.com to promote the festivals in Bulgaria making the information about them widely accessible. In addition, the site provides help to organizers, hosts of events and tourism industry.

We realize that our task is ambitious and difficult because the festivals in Bulgaria are numerous, some are ceasing to exist, others are starting to exist again, and new ones are coming up every day – interesting, great and unique. It’s remarkable the desire of people from all over the country to preserve the traditions and customs of their land and to share them with even more people.


Yana Tour Ltd

The company has been working on the Bulgarian tourist market since 1992, and in the past few years has specialized in the field of event tourism. The company has a competent and experienced team in tourist industry.

Travel Mind Ltd

The company is specialized in marketing solutions, management experience, useful corporate trainings and effective consultancy. With their five-year history, it has proved to be a professional and ambitious team with creative thinking supporting the development of successful tourism businesses in Bulgaria and abroad.

National Media Group Ltd

The Advertising and PR Agency was found in 1992. Advertisers, PR specialists, highly qualified designers with years of experience work in the agency, and their creativity is supported with modern computer equipment, studios and print base.
The Agency’s is specialized in developing effective implementation of complex advertising and public relations programs of agencies, organizations, associations and companies from all the country.

Association “Znanie”

Non-governmental organization for education and training of children and adults, established in 1990. It brings together teachers and lecturers from higher and secondary schools in Sofia and a wide range of specialists to organize additional training and qualification for all in need, regardless their basic education, qualification or preliminary skills.

Petriiski Fashion Ltd

Since the establishment of the fashion studio in 1992, Vassil and Veronika Petriiski have created stage costumes and unique design of stages and interiors. After reaching top fashion shows in Johannesburg and Malta, they are currently working in London.

Semira Ltd

A software company involved in various technology projects. It is better known on the market with the name of its most successful and the first of its kind product in Bulgaria – “Email Invest”.

Eni Tour Ltd

The company’s aim is to organize culture events or events in the tourism. The largest company’s project is the construction of a tourist complex with a stage and a sports facility in the village of Stefanovo, Radomir for organizing festivals and sports tournaments. The company has organized a successful tour of the legendary band “Tonika” in Pleven, Rousse and Stara Zagora. Other current projects are the organization of a Boza festival in Radomir, a Water festival in the town of Devin, a series of international photo-planners etc.

Eni Film Ltd

The company produces TV shows, videos and documentaries. Also as a PR agency organizes events in the field of culture – concerts, festivals, art salons and works successfully. The studio works with HDTV quality and professional video equipment.
You will learn soon more about interesting future projects of the “Festival in Bulgaria”.