COVID-19 won’t stop us!

Festivals on pause….We are living in a time of shock and of strong uncertainties. Nobody knows the impact of the crisis yet. At the same time, our community, our dialogue, our messages have been never as meaningful as now. The European Festivals Association (EFA) is eager to give a platform for togetherness, inspiration, community, support and dialogue with decision makers so that arts and culture can unfold their full potential during and after the crisis. In this EFACTS and on a portal page on our website, we give you a quick overview of the most important initiatives. Stay all well dear festival lovers and friends. 

The EFA team has created several pages and documents to collect and share information with festivals, artists and audiences on the evolution of the situation in the festivals sector.

  • Survey ‘Festivals’ needs and commitment’: we have built up a survey to gather as much information as possible to be together, inspire each other and guide our response to provide an accurate picture to governments and other funders. We invite your festival to fill in our survey and share it in your network.
  • Special pages for cancelled or postponed festivals: a page on EFA’s website presents the festivals of our members which are postponed/cancelled. All festivals registered on supposed to happen in March/April are also listed on this page.
  • The report of the EFFE Hubs meeting – 27 March 2020this report is a brief collection of statements from our different EFFE Hubs on what is currently happening in their countries and what governments are doing.
  • Our daily evolving working document – tools to help spread arts and culture: we have started to collect a selection of digital tools for spreading your events digitally, help you organise video conferences, meetings and webinars and provide links to inspirational articles. Your contribution to this document is welcome.
  • Culture Summit for Hope: our annual Arts Festivals Summit which was supposed to take place end of April has been postponed. It will be transformed into a Culture Summit for Hope from 23-25 November in Galway. We will invite the enablers – governments, cities, the tourism world, sponsors, and other stakeholders who support festivals – to come together and join the dialogue with the festivals community. Save the dates and visit our new Summit page for more info.
  • The Festival Academy is collecting interesting initiatives in the festivals field: proposals for solidarity, new actions, online festivals, etc. Discover the initiatives on their website.