Prosveta 1914 Community Center, Folklore Club "Mood" and Malko Tarnovo Municipality

National Folklore Festival “Horo in Strandzha”, Malko Tarnovo

Malko Tarnovo (map)

The National Folklore Festival “Horo in Strandzha” is held in Malko Tarnovo. The organizers of the event are the Prosveta 1914 Chitalishte, Folklore Club “Mooderie” and the Municipality of Malko Tarnovo.

The main purpose of the event is the acquaintance with the richness and beauty of Bulgarian folk dances. The festival is also a wonderful opportunity to create new friendships and contacts immersed in the charm of the mountain town of Malko Tarnovo.

As the festival is not of a competitive nature, there are amateur clubs, schools and amateur groups studying Bulgarian folklore.


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