Young Wine Plovdiv

The fourteenth edition of the Young Wine Show attracted thousands of tasters to the Old Town of Plovdiv

November 28, 2022

The fourteenth edition of the Young Wine Parade 2022 will be remembered with records and is the largest so far.

For the fourteenth year in a row, winemakers and wine lovers met at the “Young Wine Parade” in Plovdiv. Queues of those wishing to taste were winding in front of the Renaissance houses in the Old Town. The first record was the 15% increase in participants – 67 compared to that of 2021 – 59. The organizers of the event also recorded a record number of tastings, – over 102 thousand pieces. or 27% growth compared to the strongest so far 2021.

According to tradition, the opening was on Friday, November 25. The Dionysian procession, accompanied by the Thrace Ensemble, brought together citizens and guests of the city to open the “Young Wine Gorge” together. The role of the god Dionysus was reincarnated by the actor Stajko Stajkov from the State Puppet Theater – Plovdiv.

The wine weekend in the Old Town attracted thousands of wine lovers who wanted to taste the young wines of the participants of the “Young Wine Parade” 2022. The festival program was full of emotions and those who wanted to get involved. The presentations of Prof. Hristo Spasov from UHT and Lambrin Topuzliev from the Agricultural University attracted dozens of curious spectators. The two classical concerts of the guests from Switzerland – Serge Etienne Freitag, Andre Yermini and the Pesante Quartet also aroused great interest. The largest number of wine-loving visitors was gathered by the artist Philip Nigohosyan, who led a painting with wine at the Lapidarium. Over fifty people showed their artistic talents by painting not with anything but with wine.