09 петък

Symmetry Festival 2021

пт, Юли 09, 2021 - пн, Юли 12, 2021
National Museum "The land and the people, Sofia


Symmetry Festival 2021 will be held in the period 9 – 12 July 2021 in Sofia. The event is the largest multidisciplinary scientific event and art festival in the science of symmetry. The event is organized by SYMMETRION, under the auspices of the International Symmetry Association.

Scientific and artistic program (presentations and posters):

International interdisciplinary science and art festival – including talks, presentations, workshops, art exhibitions, book presentations, concerts, movies, performances and public events.

Scheduled sessions:

Symmetry and natural history
Symmetry in physics, chemistry and materials science
Symmetry in mathematics and computer science
Symmetry in architecture, design and visual arts
Symmetry in biological sciences and medicine
Symmetry and culture (archeology; history; mythology; ethnology; fashion; psychology; linguistics; economics)
Symmetry in music, dance, folklore, literature and other arts
Symmetry in education and computer applications

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